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Sheri, I just had a phone call from a gentleman who is looking for a record of his baptism from the 1960's. Do Christian Reformed Churches permanently keep records of all the people baptized in their church?

Thanks, Neil. A wonderfully helpful article. I was going to comment more, but when I got to the end of the article, I see that Angela has already said what I was going to say...affirming the wisdom to NOT try to fix, but just to walk alongside and to BE with the depressed person. And yes, it is for the long haul and help and care do diminish and dwindle over time because it appears that the caregiver's efforts are not helping or producing any tangible evidence of change and improved emotional health for the sufferer. Often, the depressed one does not have the capacity to express the effect of the care that is received. Strength and encouragement to all those who walk alongside sufferers and hang in there for the long term.

Hi there. Is there room in this discussion forum for an ex-Ministry Associate in the CRC? I was ordained as a Ministry Associate from 2006-2008, but when I resigned from my position as Ministry Director at Covenant CRC, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada as of June 20, 2008, on June 21, 2008 I ceased to be ordained as a Ministry Associate. This is one of the quirks of our denomination and the ordained office of Ministry Associate.

Alida van Dijk on February 11, 2010

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Don, I'm currently working as an Administrative Assistant to the Director of Canadian Ministries in the Canada CRCNA office in Burlington, Ontario. I'm still seeking where God wants me to serve Him next in His Kingdom--whether that's in an official, formal ministry role, or doing ministry in an unofficial capacity.

Beth, thanks for naming so concretely what so frequently happens. I echoed "yes, yes, yes" through your whole article. A male parishioner greeted me after I had preached a sermon with the comment, "Your necklace sparkles in the light." My mind raced, "Okay...what does that mean? Did he hear anything that I said in the sermon at all, or was he completely distracted by the shiny, sparkling object around my neck?" I think that I did ask if it was too distracting and whether it detracted from his ability to listen. I can't remember what his response was. 

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