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I taught Sunday school for this age for several years. At this age there are very fun to teach and see them grow as they explore what's around them! I can definitely see many of these things. I had to be careful though as I am sarcastic at times, and at this age they don't understand sarcasm.

This sounds intriguing. From my experience everyone has a way to collaborate but is on a different platform which makes it difficult for everyone to participate without learning something new. I'm curious if Wiggio solves this. It seems that when deciding how to collaborate you need to choose between a platform that is feature-rich and one that is familiar or used by a high percentage of the group. I would usually go with the option that more people are familiar with, otherwise participation can be low. So, Facebook or email groups are becoming / staying a easy way to connect and have good involvement / participation even they they lack important features. 

I think requiring the captcha based on reputation would be worthwhile, or even moderating (I imagine they would/could be moderated quickly) comments if it gets bad again.

While I haven't seen it used in a service, I have seen it widely used. I've used it personally in my small group to include a member in our meetings who was in China for several months. I seen / heard about churches doing this, but it was either recorded or they used satellites (that was at Willow Creek)

Also, TWiT is a popular tech podcast network that conferences their hosts in via skype.

It's crazy how you used to need a satellite uplink or other means at huge costs now I can use Skype for free!

Good recommendations. I'll add some of these to the resources on the Network.

Great input. I skipped my mind about how many churches do have the same name. This definitely makes having prominence in search results difficult.

I don't know about you but domains are addictive to buy. I'm up to my third personal domain now. I have several others that I want to secure, but I haven't convinced myself. What about you?

David Teitsma on September 15, 2010

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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add something in the article about recommended ways of recording or link to some posts describing it and with tips. I see you found the forum too and discusses this. Maybe some people will be inclined to share their setup there.

There are some good devices out there for recording straight from the board, but I believe the cost increases dramatically when it records in more formats than just mp3. I'll see if I can remember them.

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Thanks for the laught about the 'sound guy neck crane'! I have to admit that I've done that. I've done sound at several church and have had several times that this happened to me. I was always glad when I could do a service where I was in the zone and went unnoticed so that the congregation wouldn't have to be distracted but could focus on the intent and purpose of the service.

David Teitsma on August 16, 2010

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Duane, great questions. Most of these questions will be answered in part ii that's coming out soon!

David Teitsma on April 8, 2010

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Yes, You're is a common error also. I was hoping that in an article about spelling errors that I didn't make any myself. I think it's clean... :)

I read another article on the Chicago Sun Times and I was surprised there were errors in there too. I would think that newspaper articles still have editors right?

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