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Not to be overly picky, but Pope Francis becomes "Pope Francis I" when there is a Pope Francis II."  Until then he's plain and simple Pope Francis.  Some of my Catholic friends have harrumphed about our Protestant errors (good naturedly, but I got the point).

Bruce Adema on May 27, 2013

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Just a small correction.  There are 7 denominations in Canada that are both in the Canadian Council of Churches and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.  The Salvation Army, Reformed Church in America (Canada Synod), Mennonite Church Canada, Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, share this with us.  Also, the Pentecostal Assembly of Canada (PAOC) is an "Observer" of the CCC and attends events.

What this means is that the alienation between "Mainline" and "Evangelical" that exists starkly in the US is much less evident in Canada.  This comes from the fact that we Christians in Canada can't afford to fight each other, there are plenty of other spiritual battles to take up our energies.


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