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It is certainly our responsibility to take care of God's creation.  It is also our responsibility to help those in need, as in those effected by climate change.  It is also our responsibility to be truthful about why our climate is changing and not blindly take the "opinion" of those who jump on political band wagons.  Our denomination has become too political on this and other issues and should stick to a compassionate response to the effects of climate change and stay out of the politics of it.  By becoming political we are loosing membership and alienating many who disagree with the CRC's position.     

Thank you for your response.  

My intent was to support Dr. Timmermans' statement but to also look at the denominational position.  I was part of the Synod that approved the statement concerning global warming that many of us disagreed with but was passed by the majority.  The major disagreement is with who is telling the truth about why.  There is little disagreement as to is there global warming but a lot as to why.  It is my opinion at Synod 2012 the presentation was given by those who simply said we are right and you are wrong.  If you disagree with us you simply are uneducated and your opinion or research does not count.  Thus, the politics.  

I believe the CRC should try to be unified on the topic of caring for those in need and stay out of trying to put one scientist up against another.  

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