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Hi Sheri,

if there is a tornado watch or warning; does your church cancel services; does the office close if its in the middle of the week?



I have recently started to teach a class on sexuality to 7th grade girls at our church; I started with the material from Faith Alive, called sexuality;

I am looking for other available resources.
When i asked my girls "do you know what God says about sex?" they said no, and were very interested in the answer.
Rob, did your sermons discuss that question?

 this is our job description for the worship committee: 

Worship Committee

a. Mandate

The mandate of the Worship Committee is to enable the congregation to join together in celebrative worship that reflects the church’s vision, mission, and core values. The committee works under the supervision of Council, reports to the Administrative Committee, and is advised by the Elders.

b. Members

The Worship Committee shall consist of a minimum of three persons

recruited by the Administrative Committee and approved by the Council. One Elder shall serve as liaison to and member of the committee. One of the members shall be designated as Chair and one as Secretary. The term of service shall be three years; normally, members will not serve more than two terms. A simple majority of members shall be considered a quorum.

c. Responsibilities

Planning, carrying out, and reflecting on the worship needs of the church

Planning the annual calendar of services.

Arranging for the staffing and scheduling of the services.

Providing for sanctuary décor.

Providing resources to enhance worship services.

Preparing for administration of the sacraments.

Reporting to the Administrative Committee and presenting it with a brief, annual outline of priorities that includes its budget needs.

I am the office manager of the church that I attend; the benefit is that this feels more like a ministry than a job.

the downfall is that I oftenfeel that i do  not get a sababth because I am working on Sundays also.

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