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This is a great conversation. Just wanted to caution everyone that not all of the copyright information presented above is correct. Please refer to this article in the Worship Network: Copyright Info - Clearing up the Confusion (maybe!)

To our knowledge, no company has ever requested or received the rights to sell or use Faith Alive copyrighted material digitally outside of where you will find a growing amount of resources available.

If you have specific questions regarding copyright issues please email us at [email protected]


You are correct to check the CCLI website...that is a good resource and license to have. Another good resource and license to have is
Again, if you have specific questions about Faith Alive/CRC Publications materials please email us directly.

Also, public domain songs do not require reporting.

However, after a quick perusal of the digital songs and hymns site we have identified several copyrighted songs including a few owned by Faith Alive Christian Resources. Digital Songs and Hymns has never contacted us to use our material, so we would caution you before purchasing materials from any such site to make sure they are public domain. We realize this is a huge challenge since the law doesn't require the copyright notice to appear on the page. (Just because there is no copyright listed does not necessarily mean it is public domain.)

Please feel free to contact Faith Alive directly anytime.

We want to hear from you.

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