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Wow, you guys have awakend me this morning. What if?  What if all those other planets in all those other galaxies (upon which we so far  have discovered almost nil) had at one time sentient creatures that had come under judgment and we are the last viable planet in the universe? And we are apparently losing ground every day.

Thanks for the good discussion on a very sensitive topic. We all get lumps in our throats when we discuss the difficulties of aging, whether it involves our parents or our own aging process. In my work with elder folks I see many family members in denial. This does not help at all and mostly makes a difficult situation even worse. Thanks for demonstrating the courage it takes to face the realities and deal appropriately with these issues. Hopefully, this discussion will help people to do some preemptive stuff to encourage a smooth transition from this life to the next.

Thanks, Ken,

I agree wholeheartedly. This is part of s[peaking the truth in love. I have warned people that when they ask I will answer and when I ask I really mean it. I am ready to listen, or I don't ask. Let's speak the truth to each other.

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