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Hi Michelle,

I am the coordinator for our Coffee Break ministry in Langley, BC, Canada.  I find it hard every year to come up with an idea for our year end socials too.  We do a Christmas one and another one at the end of the year in the spring.  We have done crafts of some kind in the past, but we found that most crafts took too much time (or money!)  We realized after a while that most of the women simply enjoyed being together and having time to fellowship.  Each week they comment on how they wished they had more time for this.  We do want the time to be more than just that though, so usually we ask the women to consider sharing what they learned from their book study this year and we are always encouraged by that.  We read the Christmas story, share a shorter devotional and eat (who doesn't like that part?!)

God bless you in your ministry.  I admire the fact that you are the director and a small group leader.  I only do one of those at a time!

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