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I like hearing your thoughtful questions about the process of creating sacred space, Mavis. The questions you asked yourself made me see my own, personal sacred space with new eyes. My first observation is my answer to your question about location:

My sacred space is in my bedroom, because we have a small home, and my teenagers are still in the house, so I don't have other places that offer complete privacy. If you also value privacy for your time in the sacred space (for meditation, prayer, etc.), that might be a factor in your choice of location. 

Whether or not is good for kids I can't say without creating an account and letting my kids (age 10 and 13) check it out. What I can say is that it's nice to see a supervised, moderated opportunity for kids to have access to the type of networking and social "conversation" that happens on Facebook, since many of them are really hungry to be included in that culture. Togetherville offers parents and kids an alternative to what many, many families choose, instead: they allow their children to lie about their age until they turn 13, at which point the children meet the age requirement set forth by Facebook in their user agreement. Even in our faith community, this is a common solution to kids wanting "in" on the "fun" of social networking with family and friends. 

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