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Posted in: Genesis - Again!

Posted in: Genesis - Again!

And by definition, that how cannot be evolution. Because evolution by its own definition means natural selection and random mutation. It's not random or merely natural if God 'uses' it. I sympathize with scientists who have to wade thru this, but it does the church no good to acquiesce in this regard until science further develops its understanding of 'how' beyond the Darwinian parameters of evolution so defined. We just look silly trying to monkey wrench evolution into the proclamations of Genesis, the Psalms, Romans and Hebrews. Sceince will ridicule us for not understanding evolution, or judge us for coming up with our own sanctified defintion of evolution that is inaccurate and not helpful to those scientists working in the field and struggling for a Christian worldview.

If we want to talk about this we first have to deal with evolution as defined: natural selection and random mutation.

Posted in: Genesis - Again!

Thanks for this.

It is a significant part of the discussion that is forgotten.

I have been looking for a resource that traces the history of origins and haven't been able to find.

Anyone know of one out there?

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