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Unfortunately, the entire statement from the Pope is not addressed.  The Pope also stated that honoring God's creation included honoring life in the womb.  Children before birth are also God's creation and should be valued even more than nature.  So, why is the CRC and Timmermans silent on this issue which is also part of the Pope's Encyclical??

The Theology of Global Warming is just another tool employed by those who want to promote their ideological agenda.  They want to divert the church from spreading the truth of the gospel to promoting a humanistic agenda.  Yes, I agree with the view that none of the resources given to the denomination should be used to support this hoax.  I have often thought of writing my CRC Council to express my dismay that some of the funds I contribute go to support OSJ which has a blatant liberal agenga.  One problem is that almost no one in the CRC knows that their contributions are used to support a liberal agenda that they oppose. 

Gentlemen,  World Renew is doing an excellent job of representing the Christian Reformed Church both nationally and internationally.  World Renew is present in 38 countries and is admired by numerous NGO's for the success it has shown in fighting injustice and poverty.  Andy Ryskamp was chosen to lead the Integral Alliance due to the skills he has shown in leading World Renew.  Please go to the World Renew web-site and see for yourselves.   

I absolutely would not affirm anything passed by the UN.  They are a bunch of thugs with an agenda to dismantle the US.  No one should ever trust anything they promote!  

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