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Thank You Angela! I too have lived with MS for 25 years. I too have seen how the Lord becomes so personal in ways you never experienced when you were " normal"! You see his blessings in your suffering because He is the only relief! A little voice tells me that His grace is sufficient for me. I see the blessing in my illness because I would never have this kind of relationship without it! God bless you Angela!

I have a relationship by phone with a old classmate who blind from MS disease, that's what I have too but am not blind! She tells me what is like, it's hard! Found each other after 40 yrs! Lol 

  Very fulfilling for both of us!

Excellent post, We do need to plan for whenever this crisis allows us and if it doesn't. Thank you for the great information. 

I think Romans 13 expresses what you need to know about this subject! Do what the Lord is directing you to do and don't worry about the others opinions! Thx

Very nicely said Idella, I agree that this crisis is a opportunity to focus our lives on God and not on our usual distractions! Thx

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