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Henry, help us understand why the sacrament of the Lord's Supper is open to believers from other denominations but not the sacrament of baptism.  I know of believing parents who were former members of the CRC but because of location attended a church that did not baptize children.  They were refused baptism in a CRC by the church council after confering with you I believe.  Your insight on this would be appreciated.

Dee was the glue that helped us as the BOT (Board of Trustees) operate effectively. She was loyal to the executives that she assisted and probably trained many. What a blessing she has been to the CRC!

Thank you Jolene! As a retiree now for many years, my wife and I have served many people as hospice volunteers. This allowed God to use my past church elder skills and our people skills. Retirement is truly about making adjustments in our life patterns.

Thank you Colin!  We in the CRC needed to hear your wise voice and suggestions.  Personally, my association with many different cultural image bearers of God has been my best teachers. Two of my heroes are Dr. ML King and Ruby Bridges.

Marion Van Soelen, Hull, IA


Thanks Syd! I like this approach a lot.  All pastors are not capable of doing this.  You are a teacher/preacher and that makes a difference.  Maybe seminarians need to be taught how to do this, and not only with the young.  Many older members could use their gifts in this way also.

Thank you Al for bringing up this discussion.  It carries more weight since you, a pastor, initiated it.  There perhaps was a time in the history of the church where the pastor was the most educated and most confident in leading.  That is why the president of Christian school boards in the "early" days was usually a pastor.  Of course, that is no longer the case.  Another factor is that many councils no longer have the pastor as the chair of the council.  I like the idea  of 50/50 pastors and non-pastors compose the excutive committee at both synod and classis.  After all, both are elders!

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