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How can we find common ground with those who refuse to obey what God says in His word? It seems as if a number of denominations are following the trends in our culture instead of standing by the reliability of God's word? We call ourselves "reformed" but many want to follow the leading of the world. What will be next, polygamy, prostitution, etc. ? 

Yes, racism is a sin that should be preached about, acknowledged and confessed, but violence should also be condemned. There are police officers who have been assaulted and killed. There are both white and minority businesses that have been destroyed. This morning, I was listening to the radio where a minority woman had her business destroyed and she doesn't think she will ever reopen it again. The Bible speaks out about hate, but it also addresses killing, stealing and disrespecting the authorities that God has placed over us. Yes, governments have flaws and can become corrupt, but the worst form of "government" is anarchy. Anarchy hurts everyone. 

May the Church give calm and healing to our grieving to this broken and hurting world.


Hi Mark, 

Congratulations on your retirement. I hope you will receive a blessing in this new season of life. 

I retired 6 yrs ago and now. after serving for 4 yrs at the Hammond CRC I retired for a second time. I am enjoying it!

Don Jabaay

Good post. Yes, we are all broken people who need our Lord's redemption. We can not affirm the gay lifestyle or marriage. According to God's word, we can not allow gays and lesbians to serve in leadership positions within the Church, but we must love them, disciple them. They, like us, need to repent of our sins and experience our Lord's cleansing and forgiveness. For Paul wrote, "...for such were some of you." Thank God that by His word and Spirit we can change.

We just had a 4 part Advent series of messages that were based on the scripture passages and musical numbers in the Messiah. After each message the people could listen to the music. Every year I appreciate Handel's musical masterpiece that's totally based on the Word of God. I would challenge you pastors to base your next Advent series on the Messiah. 


I agree with the overture. Our main purpose is stated in the great commission. 

Some of our denominational leaders are getting involved with global warming and dialoguing with the Roman Catholic Church about different issues. Some of these things are distractions from our main purpose in reaching out to the lost and in discipling the found. 

Jesus was simply telling us not to be judgmental in our relationships with others, but He does want us to judge, to be discerning. For example, we are to be able to know the wolves from the sheep. And if we are not to cast pearls before swine, we need to discern what he meant by the swine. 

Many people quote this verse because they don't want anyone to tell them that they are a sinner and they need Jesus. 

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