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Since our country is receiving refugees, we should welcome them and show them Christian love. We should make sure they are not being taken advantage by unscrupulous corporations, they have thorough health screenings and treatment before beginning a job or school, and they are truly granted the freedoms we have as Americans. It seems like they are being treated as a commodity by a lot of people and organizations. We need to pray for them and speak against injustice.

Thank you for your thoughtful message about glyphosate and health issues. I had severe health issues for several years that were alleviated by going gluten free, but many people question if gluten is the problem, or if the glyphosate routinely sprayed on wheat just before harvesting is as much of a culprit for ill health. Please note that "Big Agra" is a huge business. Congress just passed a law making it more difficult to know if foods are GMO or not, and if the TPP is passed, my understanding is that countries will not be able to put their citizens' interest ahead of the interests of the international corporations.My prayers are for truth and light to be manifested in this world, and my prayers mirror yours. 

I am a grandmother and also care about God's creation,but I am seriously concerned about our endorsements of United Nations' treaties and policies. Just ask my poor family, I've spent the last year researching them, so don't get me started!  Personally, my faith rests on God's promise in Genesis 8 vs 22. "As long as the earth continues, there will always be a time for planting and a time for harvest. There will always be cold and hot, summer and winter, day and night on earth.{ERV}. 

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