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My understanding is that the median was information that was provided as part of the salary data in the past, but it became apparent that the majority of churches and individuals were interested in just the averages, so reporting on the median was eliminated. At this point that information is not readily available, but we will consider adding that piece back in if we receive more requests for median data in the future. Please feel free to send an email to [email protected] with any other specific questions. 

Yes, the per member assessment for the Canadian plan was decreased at the beginning of 2022--those assessments are currently the same amount in both the U.S. and Canada. Regarding the Total Cash Salary chart, it appears that was not updated in this year's booklet--as you suspected, it is the same chart from our 2021 Church Administration & Finance Guide. Our apologies for this oversight--the rest of the information was updated as expected.  

As the Canadian plan moved into a better funded position, we were advised by the Plan's actuaries to reduce the pension assessment rates (in order to meet the continued approval of Canadian regulatory agencies).

If you send your email address to the pension office email ([email protected]), we should be able to send you an updated salary chart. 

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