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In every congregation, Christian Reformed men and women use gifts of organization, administration, budgeting, accounting, and more to provide for the orderly functioning of the church. Without people providing these gifts to a congregation, the church would be unable to succeed at its other programs and gospel outreach. 

The resources in the attached booklet (see both Canada and US versions) are intended to be a guide for these tasks. While they are not exhaustive, they help to address some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from congregations. You'll also find the latest data for your use. 

Resources include:

  • Important Dates and Schedule of Reporting
  • Ministry Shares Information (current system and "reimagined")
  • Remittance Forms
  • Ministers’ Pension 
  • Ministers Compensation Survey
  • Financial Shalom 
  • Denominational Ministries 
  • Denominational Offering Calendar 
  • Accredited Agencies 

For additional resources and assistance, please post a comment below or email us at [email protected]. We would be happy to assist you in whatever way we can! 


There are significant fluctuations, both up and down, when comparing the average total base salary plus housing for a specific classis to the average reported in last year's finance guide. Would it be possible for you to publish the US average and median for this year's guide, the US average and median from last year's guide, the number of churches in each classis, the number of responses for each classis, as well as the median for each classis. Thank you! 

My understanding is that the median was information that was provided as part of the salary data in the past, but it became apparent that the majority of churches and individuals were interested in just the averages, so reporting on the median was eliminated. At this point that information is not readily available, but we will consider adding that piece back in if we receive more requests for median data in the future. Please feel free to send an email to [email protected] with any other specific questions. 

Thank you for the response. Has anyone there compared the 2022 salary average for each classis to the corresponding 2021 average. I have done so, and there are dramatic increases (11 to 62%) in 11 classes and decreases (10 to 27%) in 7 classes. That's why I am asking for the median to be included. Also, listing the total number of pastors and the number of responses in each classis would help understand the reliability of the average. I would also ask for the salary data to be available in csv format. Thanks!

Would you also please check the averages of $102,000 listed for both Grand Rapids East and Illiana. Considering the numbers are exact thousands and the averages reported in the 2021 guide, they seem to be outliers. Thank you!  


I’ve had an opportunity to review the 2022 report and have 2 questions:

Pensions: Did the per member cost decrease from $37.20 from $42.96 and with the base starting at $7,704 for 207 members rather than $9,840 for 229 members, or are the former numbers for the USA Pension Plan?

Total Cash Salary: Why is the quartile chart 2022 the same as the one for 2021?

Yours in Christ,



Lubbert van der Laan, Clerk, Council, 

Trinity Christian Reformed Church

Yes, the per member assessment for the Canadian plan was decreased at the beginning of 2022--those assessments are currently the same amount in both the U.S. and Canada. Regarding the Total Cash Salary chart, it appears that was not updated in this year's booklet--as you suspected, it is the same chart from our 2021 Church Administration & Finance Guide. Our apologies for this oversight--the rest of the information was updated as expected.  

Hi Majorie...

Since I prepare an annual compensation report, it would be helpful to understand the rationale for aligning the Canadian pension assessment with the US assessment to when the report is presented at the Personnel Committee and Council.

Secondly, I would appreciate if the 2021 Quartile Salary Chart in the Report be updated to include the 2022 data. The information is pertinent as guideline to reviewing the pastor's salary grid, but more so as the church starts a recruitment process due to a retirement. Can I be emailed the data?

As the Canadian plan moved into a better funded position, we were advised by the Plan's actuaries to reduce the pension assessment rates (in order to meet the continued approval of Canadian regulatory agencies).

If you send your email address to the pension office email ([email protected]), we should be able to send you an updated salary chart. 

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