What are the pros and cons of using Planning Center Online?


I just heard about this website from a friend of mine at a Presbyterian/community church. I was wondering if anyone has considered this or is actively using it? I'm interested in pros and cons, and value for the cost as well as any general feedback.

Because their subscriptions are based on size/number of users, it would be helpful if you could include some information about the size of your church and worship ministry.

Planning Center Online

Thanks in advance!

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 We've been using it for over a year now  and it is great.  It really makes it easy to plan services and to remind everyone when they are on the schedule.  We currently use the $29/month plan but will be moving up to the $49 plan very soon because we keep finding new uses for the software.  I would highly recommend it.  

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Do you use other programs in addition to the Planning Center?  (i.e. Song Select from CCLI)  Do you project and if so, is it just words or words and music and what program do you use for projection?

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I spent a fair amount of time looking at it and was blown away by what it can do and how user friendly it was.  I am curious if other similar programs exist that people are using.

9nineteen & Joyce, thanks for commenting!

Although we aren't using Planning Center, and I don't think we are using CCLI Song Select, we do project words (no music) using MediaShout. I am not on that team so can't speak to details (version, effectiveness) but if you want more info, I can ask someone else from my church to comment on this discussion.

We also use Planning Center. Have been for a little over a year. I would also highly recommend it. We currently subscribe to the 'lite' version ($15 a month). I'd love to upgrade to a higher lever but just don't have the budget for it right now.

Joyce, one other very similar type of application is available at www.worshipplanning.com. I don't know much about it other than I've seen their ads in Worship Leader magazine. Another is www.fqworship.com.

We also subscribe to CCLI Song Select and get at least 75% of our sheet music/lead sheets from them. We then project using SongShowPlus. I love Song Select...  their transposing tools are a life saver. SongShowPlus is alright. It's functional but if I had the budget I'd probably start looking at some of the alternatives.

 I looked over Planning Center but decided it wasn't a great match, I have used SongSelect and that's pretty brilliant. I've just used a simple Wiki in the past, having the ability to go freeform was much better for me than being confined within a particular space.