Worship in a COVID-19 Era


A few weeks ago, our worship team began collaborating by recording in our homes and then stitching everything together into a video that is part of our Lord's Day worship. The congregation's response has been incredible, far exceeding my expectations. It has proved to be a profound way to remain connected as a community during this time of physical distancing. Please feel free to use these either as an example to use in your own church, or as a resource to use in your own online services!

The Process: I recorded my guitar and a scratch vocal track (melody) and sent that, with a click track, to my team. I also sent sheet music and some general arrangement notes. Then each person recorded themselves with the click/guitar/melody in their ears. Some of them recorded themselves with video, while some only had audio. After getting the recording files, I mixed the audio separately in Logic Pro. Getting a clean(ish) mix was the hardest part. However, after everything was time-aligned and cleaned up, it was a pretty simple task to put the video together in Final Cut Pro.

Be Thou My Vision

Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna

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Hey Noah, these are great. Thanks for sharing! What did your musicians use to record their parts? Is this just off their phones, and then the rest worked out in Logic? Or did some have a mic setup with audio interface, etc.?