Threats to Evangelical Christianity


The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life recently completed a survey of evangelical protestant leaders. The results show a deep concern around the negative impact of secularism on the future of evangelical Christianity. Do you think your youth group shares that concern? It would make a great discussion topic.

According to the Pew survey:

  • 71% see the influence of secularism as a major threat to evangelical Christianity
  • 67% believe there's too much emphasis on consumerism and that it's a major threat, and
  • 59% think sex and violence in the pop culture are a threat.

When you look at your congregation, I believe you’ll realize that it’s your youth group members that live lives that most intersect with secularism, consumerism, and pop culture. Yet, I wonder if you will find the same concern among your students around these issues.

Ask them what issues are the major threats to Christianity.  Maybe even do a survey prior to the discussion. Once you get into the discussion, you can talk through the threats that your youth group identify.  You can also share the results of the Pew survey and help the students understand what is meant by secularism and consumerism. (I’m pretty sure they already understand sex and violence in pop culture.)

At this point, you can bring in bring in the countless Bible passages that talk of wealth, the world, and the role of Christians around these topics.  I would suggest that these areas that many see as threats are really opportunities for Christians, young Christians, to make an impact and change the world for Christ. Hey, let’s live into our theology and send our youth out as Reformers of the world.

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