Top 10 Reasons to Love Being Married to a Youth Pastor


By Monica deRegt

In Letterman-style, I've decided to work back from 10 and save the best for last...

10. The FREEBIES!! --You know, CDs, concert tickets, food, leftover funeral flowers (yes, this HAS happened!), balloons for the kids, use of the church photocopier... the list goes on!

9. An extensive list of good babysitters who already love your children. And unlike many other easily deceived couples, your spouse really knows who NOT to ask!

8. No fear of being married to someone old and boring. Perhaps grey before his/her time, and dead-tired, but youthful nonetheless.

7. Flexible working hours allows your spouse to attend many events and be available for things that many 9-5 jobs don't.

6. You get LOTS of Christmas cards, meals when you are sick, baby gifts, etc. (If by any chance you don't, copy this list to a widely circulated newsletter in your church!)

5. You get the inside scoop on all the fun teen news. Not the confidential secrets, but the fun stuff that none of their parents ever get to know, and constantly hint at you about.

4. You have an extra place to go with the kids on rainy days. The church youth room and nursery are great entertainment on those long, boring when-is-he-coming-home days. If you're lucky, your church has a nice library you can escape to while your spouse untangles your 2-year-old from the drum set.

3. You have the opportunity to have a very wide circle of friends, from all walks of life and experience. You are on a first name basis with an entire church full of people of all ages who genuinely care about you and your family. What a blessing!

2. If you join your spouse on youth events, you can go to many exciting places and activities that many couples just don't think of doing together--paintballing, waterslides, mission trips, Christian concerts and theatre, all-nighters... (ok, maybe there's a reason other couples don't do some of these things, but you get the picture!)

1. You are married to a person who has dedicated his or her life to God and desires to fulfill His calling on their life in a very active and intentional way. You get to see firsthand the work of God in the lives of the youth your spouse is working with. You are blessed to be married to this very special someone who God has gifted for this ministry to His children.

I'm proud to be married to a Youth Pastor!

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This is great! Thanks for sharing Monica!