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We are so excited to present this brand new book study!  Designed to fit into your existing small groups or book clubs the book is divided into a four-part book club based on Thomas King’s book The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America.

Your sessions will be guided by four videos. Each session’s video will feature a guest speaker touching on some of the key themes of the book, settler-Indigenous relations in North America, and our shared Christian faith. Each session includes discussion questions to prompt further thought and meaningful dialogue.

Supplies Needed

  • Copy of Thomas King’s The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America (available in print, ebook, and audio formats)
    • If your group cannot afford to buy the book please contact us at [email protected] as some copies may be available for loan.
  • While the videos will guide your sessions participants may want a copy of our print guide.  You can download the digital version below or order a print copy via Faith Alive.  Questions?  Feel free to email us anytime at [email protected]

Workshop Outline 

  • Introduction watch this video | to prepare your group for this study.
  • Read the assigned book chapters in advance of your session.
  • Watch a video: Starting from session 1, watch the session video separately or together as a group.
  • Come together and discuss thoughts and questions from the readings, video, topics, or issues raised. Pause the video as discussion questions come up, or whenever a break to discuss seems necessary. We encourage you to discuss your own questions.
  • Close by praying together for settler-Indigenous relations in Canada, as well as for reconciliation and understanding in both the church and society as a whole.

Get Excited: Inconvenient Indian Book Club!

Introduction to Thomas King’s The Inconvenient Indian: A Book Club Video Series

Session 1 : Colonization, the Church, and Confronting Ourselves (Chapter 1-2)

Session 2: Rights, Self Determination, and Land Stewardship (Chapter 3-4)

Session 3: (Never) Forget About It — The Implications of Broken Covenants” (Chapter 5-7)

Session 4: Walking the Road of Reconciliation (Chapter 8-10)

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Canadian Churches! If your diaconate or study group would like to do this book study but can't access the books, consider applying for a NewGround Deacon Scholarship from Diaconal Ministries Canada. Any diaconate in Canada can apply for up to $250 from NewGround to support their learning and leadership development. For details and the application, visit our website: