Share Wages for Ministers and Church Staff?


Looking for guidance and insight regarding the current practices about detailing the individual wages and cost of benefits for ministers and church staff in the general fund budget that is presented at the annual congregational meeting. If not detailed in the budget, does a church member have a right to ask for and be provided the individual wages? 

Incidentally, our church does have a Finance Team comprised of non-Council church members that advises our treasurer and administrative team on salaries and benefits and participates in developing the annual budget. I would appreciate any advice and insight. Thanks in advance! 

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Hi Bob,

When our church presents the proposed budget at the yearly Congregational Meeting, we have separate line items for our minister's salary, for wages for paid employees and those who get some kind of stipend, and for some of the expenses related to them (employment taxes, pulpit supply, accountant fees, etc.). In years past, we broke down the expenses related to benefits, but this didn't happen last year (we went through some big changes over the past few years, including a new pastor and new financial secretary).

Hope that helps answer your question.