What Is the Best Way to Keep up to Date With Administration Requirements for Churches and Charities?


Hello everyone:

I recently started as an administrator in a smaller CRC church. I would like to ensure that I am up to date with possible changes to Canadian legislation as it pertains to CRA, insurance, AODA, employment standards and other administrative matters. There is quite a bit of information on the CRCNA website and of course The Network. Does anyone subscribe to the Canadian Council of Canadian Charities or do you find that the services they provide are already available here? Are there specific email lists or places I should check to ensure that I can give a heads up to the board and church as legislation and practices change? 

Thanks for any help you can provide :)


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Victoria: It would appear that you are serving a church in Ontario. Feel free to check the Classis Hamilton Website at this link http://www.classishamilton.ca/-1/. You might find some helpful material there.

As to whether CCCC membership is valuable, I am of the view that it is.



Thanks so much Dick.  Hamilton Classis has a lot of information that will help me.

I have to remember how far reaching the Network is for future questions! 


I very much recommend becoming a member of the CCCC's, subscribing to their charity newsletters and accessing their Charities Handbook and other helpful resources.  The denomination, CRCNA, is a CCCC member and has benefited greatly as a result.  My local congregation is also a member.

Another invaluable information resource in the areas you have listed is http://www.charitylaw.ca/

Terry V 


Thank-you Terry!  My board was wondering if we could sign up for CCCC via the denomination but I suspected we would need to get our own registration.    I have found them essential when I was working in small grass route charities but the board is not as familiar with them.  I had forgotten about charitylaw.ca and will add them to my resources.

I'm so thankful to have a place to ask questions like these!