What library software is low cost and effective for use with scanners?


Does anyone use any kind of library software along with scanners?  Just curious if there is anything out there that is free (or relatively low cost), effective, and efficient.  I've just gone through all the books in our library trying to make sure the titles were all located and correct  - they weren't by a long shot - we're missing over 45 items ... (small library - this is a lot!).


Anyway, any and all help is greatly appreciated!



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Check out Neil MacQueen's site for a listing of Library software and his article about "putting your church library online (for free):


You may also find help at the Church and Synagogue Library Association site:


National Church Library Association:


Best wishes with the library!



We successfully used www.gurulib.com to put our library contents online.  If you are interested, I can put you in touch with someone who has used this free online software more extensively, including using a handheld scanner to input book titles into the library.  For a quick peek at what the software does, look at www.gurulib.com/immanuelcrc to view the contents of our church library!



Thank you so much Jane and Bill!  I'll be sure to look into all of those resources :)



I realize this question was posted quite a while ago so technology and options have come along way in 5 years.  My suggestion would be to look into LIBIB.  The people who have been using it love it.  It has a free aspect that is very large and then the paid "pro" section is very affordable and huge!


We use LibraryThing, an onl-line catalog service, and we LOVE it.  it is very inexpensive and has excellent user support.  There are some bugs, now and then, I will grant you that, but of the various systems I considered, it had the easiest learning curve and the best support by far. 


Go to LibraryThing.com and open an account.  You can add 200 books for free, so you can test it and see if you like it. I started by opening an account for my own books at home and played around with it for a bit. Then you can choose to pay an annual fee of 25.00, I think, or a lifetime fee of 55.00 or something like that - I mean, it's dirt-cheap.  And sometimes they offer free membership. They have all kinds of tutorial articles and any time you're stuck, send an email.  They respond within a day or so.