Questions at a Congregational Meeting


When the official business of a congregational meeting is complete, does it go against church order to allow members of the congregation to ask questions about matters not on the agenda? 

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Article 37 does limit the discussion at Congregational Meetings to those items presented by the council.   There would be nothing wrong, in my opinion, for opening up the floor for comment,  but no action could take place outside of the set agenda.   On the other hand, there would be nothing wrong with not allowing additional comment either.   If a congregational member had questions, they can go to the council meeting to work on those questions.   The Council, or the consistory, are deliberative bodies that seek out the will and direction of the Holy Spirit in guiding the church.  They work deliberatively, prayerfully and thoughtfully.  They publish the agenda prior to the meeting to give time for deliberative and thoughtful and prayerful decisions by the congregation. 


Many churches hold Congregational Meetings, where decisions are made, and also hold Town Hall meetings for the sake of informing the congregation about ministry.    No decisions are made at a Town Hall meeting.