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When is the last time you really considered a church sign? 

Perhaps you were running errands and a church sign with a clever message caught your eye. Or maybe there was a Bible verse that brought you encouragement as you crawled through rush hour traffic. 

But what about the sign at YOUR church? Do you pay much attention as you pull into the church parking lot? If you’re anything like me, probably not. 

Consider a different scenario. You have just re-located to a new city and don’t know anyone. You are driving around checking out options for a gym, restaurants, and yes, a church. While driving, you pass several churches and make quick judgments based on visual information. 

Perhaps you even make decisions based on information from the church sign. Does it look like the church is more contemporary or traditional? What kind of sermon might be preached? Does the sign list practical information such as service times? Will the church be welcoming?

It’s been said, “You only get one first impression.” If that is the case, what kind of information should church signs include? How can we encourage people to pull into the parking lot? 


A church sign can be a powerful thing!  Often, while driving about, consumed with life's busyness, a church sign with a simple message gives me pause and redirects my thoughts.

When I'm away in another city, I like to see Sunday service times listed on church signs. This should be a natural extension of church hospitality to make it easy for visitors, people who're looking for a new church home, and/or the person who's been away from the church for awhile, to see the times when they can attend a worship service. 

A good church sign?  Is there such a thing?  Just kidding, sort of.  Far too many of them are posted by someone who didn't think about the fact that someone besides their own members might be reading it.  In my opinion, the service times and a phone number should be a given.  If there's room, an encouraging scripture verse is fine, or an announcement for a special upcoming event.  Not acceptable: puns (there are NO exceptions to this, no matter how cute somebody thought it was); politics other than a simple encouragement to get out and vote; or any cutesy phrases only churchgoers would understand.  

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