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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has done a Bible study for Hispanic people. We have new Hispanic visitors who want to learn about the Bible; they are pretty new to Christianity (esp. to the CRC) with their catholic background. 

I have study materials for new comers but am wondering if there are any other materials that might be helpful. Thank you in advance for your help! 



Hi Peter, 

I don't know of something that directly fits the bill, but perhaps some resources I do know of can be helpful to you. 

-If you are looking for materials in Spanish, Libros Desafío might be a good place to look:

-The Office of Race Relations recently published a booklet called "Latinos: The Next Wave", written by Rev. Pedro Avilés, that might be a helpful resource for you as you work cross-culturally with Latino people. 

Thank you Danielle,

I am looking for a book in English, but there is a good chance that they may bring Hispanic-speaking friends. so, it will be ideal to have a book both in English and Spanish. thank you. I just ordered "the Next Wave".  - peter


Hi Peter -- you may already know this, but BTGMI publishes 'Cada Dia' -- a Spanish equivalent to the 'Today' devotionals.


In the past, Back to God has gracious provided copies of Cada Dia that our mission teams have given to local pastors in Honduras, who have used the booklets for developing sermons, as well as group Bible studies and for local evangelism.  Most monthly booklets have a fairly focused theme.  I particularly recall how the issue focusing on 'The Names of God' was very well received by some local pastors as they planned sermons and Bible studies.  While the content is written as a daily devotion, it tends to flow as a theme and can be adapted for use in a Bible study group.


Hello Peter,

There're some translation into Spanish from the DYB series at  You may be familiar with DYB materials that use questions and motivate participation. The series have the Leader's Guide and Participant Manual.

You can find the English version at

Not all the titles are available in Spanish, but those that are, could be a great way to start.

If you need some help, or connect with other Latino leaders, please send an email to the Consejo Latino Team  [email protected] 




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