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Safe Church Ministry strongly recommends this ground breaking online course and book (for both men and women!) that reveals a path to break addictions and cycles of unwanted sexual behaviors. We encourage pastors, leaders, and anyone who struggles with sexual addictions to pursue this opportunity of transformation. This course can be taken individually or in groups.

Jay Stringer is a CRC minister and licensed mental health therapist who has done years of research and uncovered the deep-rooted issues that lead to sexual brokenness. Journey into the Heart of Man is a one-of-a-kind 18-episode course that will help identify and transform the unique reasons that draw people to unwanted sexual behavior, be that the use of pornography, infidelity, or buying sex. This unique course is based on Jay's new book Unwanted and the film The Heart of Man.

Enroll in this course using the code "safechurch" to get $50 off. Note: there is also special pricing for groups. 

Please use this link when purchasing to support Safe Church Ministry. Safe Church receives a portion of the profits to help support our mission to equip congregations in abuse awareness, prevention, and response.

For more information from Safe Church Ministry, contact Eric Kas at [email protected].


I haven't had the chance to read through this material yet, and from the brief description it sounds wonderful.  I wonder, however, when the CRC will make a commitment to inclusive language, as I know most members understand how essential this is in creating a culture of inclusivity and equality?  "Journey into the heart of Man" when it is a resource for both men and women is instantly off-putting, and sorry to say, very outdated in the world we live in today.  It makes it hard to share this resource with non believers and others who might otherwise be open to it and blessed by it.  A simple, easy change to make, I think.  Thank you.


Hi Linda, thanks for this comment. We definitely discussed this, and we agree that "man" is often specific to the male gender - and may seem exclusive to women. However, after seeing the film, reading Jay's book and walking through parts the online course, I can assure you it is inclusive to both genders who are struggling with unwanted sexual brokenness.

Also, the online course with Jay Stringer integrates themes from the film: The Heart of Man, which is why it is called "Journey into the Heart of Man." The film itself weaves a very well done fictional story about a Father's pursuit of his son (similar to the parable of the prodigal son) together with interviews of both men and women who share their professional thoughts and/or personal testimonies on sexual brokenness, identity, and shame. So, while the main characters of the narrative are male, it features many women telling their testimonies as well.

Thanks for checking out this great resource!

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