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Is your church in the middle of a sermon series? If so, what is the topic? 

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Working through an Advent series called "No Room: The Gospel for Outcasts & Ragamuffins." Inspired by the experience of Mary and Joseph arriving in Bethlehem and finding no room, it takes a look at stories from Luke of Jesus intentionally making room in God's Kingdom for people who were generally pushed to the fringes or excluded by the community - people who were constantly told that they there was no places for them (lepers, paralytics, tax collectors and sinners, tortured souls, etc). 

The underlying application/encouragement is that we are all outcasts and Ragamuffins of the kingdom, and yet, through the birth, the door was opened and room was made for us. 

Cornerstone CRC in Chilliwack is working through a sermon series challenging people to reflect on their Christmas spending habits shifting the focus on getting to giving, but not to those already richly blessed but those struggling.  The series is entitles "Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less, Give More".  


I'm preaching an advent series called:   The journeys of Christmas.

I saw the title or a phrase somewhere and began to think about all the travelling that took place that very first Christmas:  by Joe and Mary, by the shepherds, by the Magi, by Joe and Mary and Jesus again as they fled to Egypt.  Then of course Christmas celebrates the greatest journey of all:  the incarnation - from the throne to the womb.   Fun to think about and work out all those details, and see it all come alive.   Of course, all these journeys have some parallels in that journey we call life.   unwelcomed interruptions, looking for hope and good news, seeking the true king, Jesus as the refugee who also retraced the exodus, coming out of egypt.   lots of good stuff!

I am away for one of the three Advent Sundays.  With the remaining three, I am preaching on Faith, Hope and Love.  Faith of Abraham as interpreted by Paul in Romans and in Hebrews as a faith in the God "who gives life to the dead."  Hope of Moses from Deuteronomy 18, where Moses assures the people that God will raise up a "prophet like me." And we will wrap up with the Love of God in John 3:16.  


At Good News in London we're doing Suffering & Shalom, a series on Lamentations, ending with Isaiah 40 & John 1 for Christmas Eve & the (Sun)day after Christmas. 

We just finished a series called, "How R U?", every week based on an "r" word related to rest/restoration.

But, I'm excited about the new series starting this weekend- How to Go to Church. It seems like many in our culture, especially mid-Covid, aren't quite sure how to engage the church. And the other way around as well...

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