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Is your church in the middle of a sermon series or getting ready to start a new one? If so, what is the topic?

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At First Fremont (MI) CRC, I am three weeks into a "Top Ten Countdown" series on the psalms.  Congregation members sent me their favorite psalms and I compiled a "Top Ten" list.

We're doing a series on experiencing the Holy Spirit this summer.  What is God up to during this pandemic and how can we keep in step with the Spirit?

We began the series on Matthew well over a year ago. The website tells me we've had 70 sermons. We're at Matthew 12 so we have a way to go: 2 or 3 verses at a time.

The theme is "The King Has Arrived" and the gospel message is as relevant today as it was a year ago ... with COVID, racial tension, and a pending election. We're considering the Parable of the Sower ... because it comes next.

No need to search for random Psalms or mini-series that speak to our take on the issues of the day. Just sit back and let the Gospel breathe over you.

At First CRC of Artesia we did a weekly two part series through the pandemic with the AM being on community and the PM being on the Body of Christ as viewed from a systemic point of view. Each series was independent of the other but each supported the other with the intent on having a healthy community of faith/body of Christ when we came out of quarantine. 

At Oak Hills Church, Beaverton, OR we're 2 weeks into our summer series, Prophets & Parables dealing with issues of justice & suffering. [Also using Ken Bailey as key resource] 2 messages on stories about Jesus [Herod's slaughter of kids & Jesus' 1st sermon], then 5 stories Jesus told in parables alternating with 5 of the minor prophets: Obadiah - Nahum - Zephaniah - Habakkuk - Haggai.

Our church, CrossPoint Chino, CA is currently using The Story as a basis for a 31 week sermon series which covers approximately 70% of the Scriptures, from Genesis through Revelation.  The children's ministry, King's Kids, is using it also with age appropriate materials.  The pastor(s) use The Story, which the congregation is encouraged to read a chapter a week, reading the biblical texts for the weekly sermons.  It's a helpful way to take us through the Bible. 

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