Breaking Barriers—Winter 2020


Las medicinas

Medications—Many people take medications for pain, for rheumatoid arthritis, for seizures, and for other reasons. In this issue, authors describe the role of medication in their lives and its impact on their faith in God.

To Give Thanks and Take My Meds
Love, support, and a heaping dose of laughter have helped Michelle McIlroy trust that God is using various medications to bring her back into life with her family, church, and community.

At Last, Six Years Without Seizures
Side effects from various anti-seizure medications took Jon Rink and his family on a long and difficult journey before he found relief. 

My Reluctant Dependency and Growing Empathy
Jess Crist has found that God used her brain chemistry to draw her into a fuller reliance upon him. 

Arthritis Is a Disability, Not a Crime
Amy Nyland is grateful for medications and for health insurance, but resents being treated like a criminal for seeking help.

Trial and Error: A Way of Life
Finding the right medications has taken decades for Michèle Gyselinck.

Editor's Note: Medication’s Pros and Cons
Weighing benefits, side-effects, and costs make decisions about medications challenging.

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Winter 2020 Audio Version:
Thanks to Lisa Dykstra, our voice artist, for this audio recording. 

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