Breaking Barriers - Fall 2017


Learning from Children with Disabilities. Children can be teachers, including children with disabilities. In this issue, Breaking Barriers readers tell stories of lessons learned.

Learning from Joel and from God
Joel has helped Michael Van Beek learn that God is present in stormy places.

Liturgy, Lullaby, and Shoelaces
God used Eric Steele's adopted daughter Sophia, who has Down Syndrome, to guide Eric in decisions about how his calling and the practice of his Christian faith.

Two Lessons in Love
Kristin Brouwer has developed a richer view of God and his love through children with disabilities at her church. 

Ketchup Moments
Ketchup helped create a bond between Angie Walker and Alina, who cannot use words to communicate.

Everybody Serves
Breaking Barriers co-editor, Mark Stephenson, says that our tendency to judge human difference negatively inhibits our ability to see someone’s giftedness if they live with a disability.

An Honor, Not a Job
In this web-only article, Bonnie Wolf describes the honor of serving as a children's pastors to children who are different from each other in many ways. 

장애물 헐기 — 2017 가을

Rompiendo Barreras – Otoño 2017

Next Issues:

Winter 2018 — Employing People with Disabilities. Do you employ a person with a disability, or have you had someone with a disability do contract work for you? What have your learned by giving this person a chance? Please send us a note (no more than 400 words) by October 25.

Spring 2018 — Welcoming worship. Churches can help people with disabilities feel welcome (or unwelcome) in their worship. Do you have a story about welcoming (or unwelcoming) worship? Please send us a note (no more than 400 words) by February 21.  

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Could you tell me if there is a Disability Advocate close to my home church. Hope Fellowship Courtice Ontario.

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Jenny, thanks for the question. We'll get the info to you privately. Mark