Breaking Barriers - Spring 2018


Rompiendo Barreras - Primavera 2018

장애물 헐기 - 2018 봄

Welcoming worship: Churches can help people with disabilities feel welcome (or not welcome) in their worship. The articles in this issue of Breaking Barriers describe a variety of ways people with disabilities contribute in worship. 

Loved and Accepted as We Are 
Adrian and Rosanne Eising deeply appreciate the welcome and the invitation to service that their sons Elijah and Joshua receive at Fellowship church.

Odyssey Worship Is Judgment Free and Safe
Steve Dambra delights in the judgment-free safety of worship at Odyssey church.

​​​​​​The Surrender of Power and Brokenness
David Fik feels humbled and grateful for the simple surrender of worship in the Church at Benjamin's Hope.

Working, Growing, and Serving Together 
Amber Vanderhout and Erica Howard found true worship in the engagement by all worshipers in the Special Needs SERVE at Fruitland church.

Editor's Note: Wide Boundaries
Mark Stephenson's daughter contributes to the life of worship in her own way at the churches their family has attended over the years.

Next Issues:

Summer 2018—Aging and disability. The average age of people in churches and throughout North America keeps increasing, and the percentage of people with disabilities increases with age. How are church members 65 and older encouraged to participate and use their gifts in ministry? How does your church minister with shut-ins or those with dementia and/or hearing, physical, and visual impairments? Please send us a note (400 words) by April 18.

Fall 2018—Small group ministry. In healthy small groups, people can share life, study the Bible, and discern God’s guidance in their lives. How is your church engaging people with and without disabilities such as hearing loss, intellectual disability, dementia, and mental illnesses in small group ministry? Please send us a note (400 words) by June 20.

Winter 2019—Disability Advocacy. Are you serving formally or informally as a disability advocate in your church? Please tell us about it. What gives you joy? What have you found effective? Why did you get started with this work? Please send us a note (400 words) by September 20.

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