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There’s a wealth of resources on faith formation and discipleship out there. Periodically coaches from the Next Steps Faith Formation Initiative will be collecting some of the more interesting and thought-provoking blog posts, online articles, book reviews and other current resources from around the internet and sharing them here on the Network.

Here's what inspired us on the week of 8/25:

Propaganda, a music and spoken word artist, offered a glimpse into just what we talk about when we talk about discipleship.

Fuller Youth Institute posted an insightful interview with Danah Boyd on the digital lives of teens and young adults.

There’s been a big push these past few years to break down the silos of ministry in churches across North America. One of the biggest debates has been over what to do about Children’s Church and Sunday School programs. Time Wright presented his side of the argument over at Pathos this week, leading some of the Faith Formation Coaches to wonder just where our CRCs are on the issue and what kind of experiments are going on out there.

Finally, over at the blog, the12, Kristy DePree offered a prayer to remind us of our need to pray.

What other articles or blog post caught your eye this past week? Feel free to share them in the comment section!

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An area that is worth watching is faith in the workplace, in which there are several good blogs going. For example the work section of The High Calling ( and the Theology of Work site ( which is not strictly a blog, but publishes short and timely articles from the site in their Facebook page. I have also just published a new blog post in my own [email protected] blog (

Also, may I be cheeky enough to plug my upcoming CRC Webinar on the subject, called "Every Square Inch" at Work? This is a general area of faith formation in which the church, and especially CRC, could do far more to equip its members to live out God's Kingdom calling in their everyday occupations.