Spiritual Growth Survey?


Does anyone have a tool or survey to help measure spiritual growth? What might you recommend? 

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Hello Gary, thanks for your post and question. Would you be able to expand on what you mean when you say "Spiritual Growth". Are you looking for something age specific or something more general?

I am looking for a general instrument that a congregation could use to survey its members to assess the effectiveness of its ministry.


Are you looking for self-assessment or for church-wide assessment?

I am looking for an instrument that a congregation would use for its members to complete to help assess the effectiveness of the church's ministry.

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The Healthy Church process might be a bit in depth for your purposes but it does get at what you are asking https://www.crcna.org/pcr/HealthyChurch

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Hi Gary, 

Your church may find the Building Blocks of Faith to be a simple, helpful tool. You can read more about the concept in this wonderfully accessible article by Bob and Laura Keeley: Building Blocks of Faith. 

Faith Formation Ministries has developed a terrific toolkit on the topic; we've also run a cohort in which CRC's experimented with the tool and then shared what they learned. It's all free. Access the toolkit at https://www.crcna.org/FaithFormation/toolkits/building-blocks-faith.

Our Regional Catalyzers are also happy to support your church in working with this tool--via phone, email, in person, with a workshop, whatever is most helpful! You'll find contact information for them here: https://www.crcna.org/FaithFormation/about.  

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Hi Gary! The Building Blocks of Faith toolkit that Karen mentioned above includes an assessment tool that could be helpful to you. You'll find a link to that in the "Ways to Use the Building Blocks of Faith" section of the toolkit under the heading "Assessment Tools." And I echo Karen's encouragement to contact one of our regional catalyzers who can consult with you on this important topic!