Volunteer Burnout


I checked two boxes on a form to indicate that I was interested in serving in both hospitality and children's ministry. Minutes later, I panicked. I wanted to serve, but wondered: Do I really have the capacity? 

What if my kids get sick? Cold symptoms mimic COVID-19. . . 

Can my husband take on another morning of solo parenting if I serve for two services? 

What if I just want to go to church and leave? 

I already volunteer at my kids school and in my community. Church too? 

I'm worried that the church today is not making the impact it should . . . 

These questions threaten my deep desire to serve and love my neighbors through my local church.

We know our churches need volunteers. But many of us are burnt out and disillusioned. What can we do about it? How can we lessen burdens and better equip our volunteers? 

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I think those are very good questions. Allow me to suggest that sometimes, as my late father in law once said, we see too many bears along the paths, meaning of course, we tend to perhaps worry about a lot of things that could go wrong. Somewhere we need to follow the Spirit's leading and dependent more on God's providence, that He will smooth the path when we first take a step. You could also "tag team" with another volunteer, so you're not in it alone.

As to the disillusionment, I think the number one remedy is a show of appreciation by those directly affected by your volunteerism. 
Thank you for the volunteer work that you do, God Bless

Volunteering comes from the heart. Do not let your heart over run your limits. Possible suggestion might be to always work in pairs so even if one can't make it to get a job done, another might step up to replace. Cross train and delegate. The harvest is great and the workers are few. Make it fun. Take it one step at a time and make sure that others are involved. Show them that you are willing but need the help. Be friendly, strong and encouraging. Pray. Ask God to send in the troops and keep at it. Pray, did I say pray? Just do it. Smile.