Well-Researched Videos for Someone in Ministry to Muslims


David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics

David Wood is Christian apologist who had a dramatic conversion to Christ while serving jail time for the attempted murder of his father. Wood speaks about his journey from atheism and nihilism to Christ in this video clip. Wood's long journey and keen mind also help him to sort out difficult issues especially pertaining to Islam. His well-researched videos on the Acts 17 apologetics site are useful for gaining a deeper understanding of Islamic source texts and how they apply today.

Four specifically helpful videos of a much larger selection include:

  1. Jesus the final Judge. Wood examines the Islamic assertions that Jesus could not be divine and compares this with the fact that Jesus asserted that He will be the final judge, something that only God will do.
  2. Three Quran verses that every Christian should know. Wood examines Surah 4:157 which is the Islamic view of Jesus' crucifixion; Surah 5:47 where Christians are commanded to judge by the gospel and how this creates a dilemma of authority; Surah 9:29 where Jews and Christians are to be subdued.
  3. Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State). Wood starts with Surah 3:32 about how Allah does not love the unbelievers and then works through a list ending in Surah 2:106 which has to do with the Islamic view of abrogation. 
  4. The three stages of jihad. Wood shows that obedience, belief, and knowledge must all come together for a Muslim to commit violent jihad. In a fashion the video is a backhanded challenge to the church to be obedient to the Great Commission, as it knows why it is being sent out by Jesus with all authority in heaven and on earth, and with the belief that He will be with the church to the end of the age.


We recall that the Apostle Paul took the time to make careful observation of the objects of Athenian worship in Acts 17. David Wood has taken the time to understand Islam from a wide variety of original Islamic sources. He is to be commended for taking the time to do so and hopefully will inspire more Christians to do the same.

As well he consistently challenges Christians to know their own Bibles and Christian theology as they defend it to people of other religions.

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Acts 17 is wonderful, many muslims actually watch the youtube videos to learn the truth about their "religion"; the imam/shamans also deceive their own followers.  Check-out the "islamicize me", it is funny and an excellent way to learn the truth about islam's teachings, by far the most useful satire I have ever seen. 

The Islam Critiqued videos on youtube are also well-researched and devastating to the usual whitewash of islam and its teachings.  "Muslims say this, but their koran says this, therefore ...".  Reductio ad absurdum used remarkably well to show the logical inconsistencies of this "intellectual space".

Pfander Films is doing historical-criticism (similar to how it was done against the Bible) of the public narrative of islam and its teachings.  Which seems to be the biggest story and advancement now.  What they told you about "islam", "mohammed", "koran", and "allah" is not what they said, and the biggest story lies behind the actual events in the eighth century that saw the "rise" of this "religion".

"Dan Gibson" has some excellent youtube videos on archeology in the now muslim world, with its implications on the true history of this region and how it relates the "standard" muslim accounts of history.

If you want to engage with muslims (or defend your beliefs and freedoms), you need the facts about islam, and research like this can save you from deception (which is one of the greatest strengths of islam or apostate judaism, eg the talmud and gnostic gospels were used as source material for the koran which was created in 1924AD).  Otherwise, you will probably get spun around and misled by this cult (like some pastors have been).