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Launched in 2020, Dwell Flex is a multi-age, multi-setting segment of Dwell. These simple sessions (samples here) are built to meet the specific needs of churches, whatever the coming year might look like. This post includes some important details to keep in mind as you begin using this resource.

You can find the full list of Dwell Flex stories on our Flex scope and sequence. Our stories are assembled in a rough chronological order, but as each session is stand-alone, you can use them in whatever order works for your unique situation. 

Parents or leaders using Dwell Flex will need a few things to be able to lead the sessions. Here are materials you’ll want to make sure they have on hand:

  • Sessions and Printable Pages. Your leaders will access all of the Dwell Flex sessions on Dwell Digital. Our Dwell Digital Support page has all the information you'll need to add a teacher to your church account. Occasionally sessions will include a printable page that will need to be printed out ahead of time by the coordinator or leader. The sessions can also easily be printed by clicking the link in the sidebar.
  • God’s Big Story cards. We recommend that you purchase a set of God’s Big Story cards for each leader to refer to in the “Respond” step of each session and for each family so they can continue exploring God's story together at home. You can lead the sessions without these, but it really helps to have them.
  • Dwell Flex Story Symbols. These can be downloaded from Dwell Digital (log-in required), or Dwell's Leader Support page. You can access a pdf of the full-color story symbols grouped by year, or black and white symbols grouped by unit. 
  • 5 Ways Resources. The sessions also mention 5 Ways to Pray with Kids and 5 Ways to Retell a Bible Story with Kids. Leaders might find it helpful to have hard copies of these resources for easy reference while preparing and leading the sessions.

It's important to set your Dwell Flex leaders up for success. In addition to providing these important materials, we recommend you share  A Leader’s Guide to Dwell Flex with anyone planning to lead the Dwell Flex sessions.

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