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School’s out for the summer. What will your girl do now? Here are 26 fun and faith-filled ideas from A to Z that are easy and engaging for girls ages 7-12.

AAbstract Heart Art. This super cute heart project is easy and unique. Find the free craft instructions at

BBalloon Toss Game. Fill balloons with small beads or confetti before you inflate. Use a Frisbee as a paddle. Play alone or invite a friend. How long can you keep the balloons in the air?

CCelebrate Summer.* Find one reason to throw confetti and celebrate! Maybe you made a friend with someone who looks different than you, tried new food, or finished a book. If you can’t find anything to celebrate, talk to a grown-up.

D—Dot Art. Who knew a bunch of little dots could look so cool? Easy-to-follow free instructions are here.

E—Enjoy God’s World. Go outside and list things God has created from A to Z. Examples: A—Ants, B—Beach, C—Cactus to Z—Zebra. How many times can you work through the alphabet?

F—Frozen Yogurt Cups. These cute and easy yogurt cups are great for an afternoon snack. Make extras for neighbors or friends. Find the free recipe at

G—God Is. God is Awesome, Beautiful, Caring, and more. No one loves you as He does. Discover more by downloading this free A to Z Who God Is List at

H—Hopscotch. Use large sidewalk chalk to draw a hopscotch board. Instead of 10-grid hopscotch, add 15 or more. Play alone and time yourself or invite a friend into the fun.

I—Ice Cream Sandwiches. Try these fun twists on ice cream sandwiches for your next summery snack. Find the free recipe here.

J—Journal. Journal three things you are thankful for today. Find something creative to write on besides paper. Examples: Use a window marker on a mirror or a marker on a rock.

KKinetic Sand. It only takes three ingredients to make your own kinetic sand. You will need 5 cups sand, 3 cups flour or corn starch, and 1 cup cooking oil. Mix well and enjoy.

L—LOVED.* You are loved by God, no matter what. Yes, YOU! This is the BEST news you will hear this summer. Sing it, color it, write it, craft it, tell a friend. You are LOVED. Wow!

M—Move It: You Name It. Use your name to help you move. Look at the exercises next to each letter, and do the ones that spell your name. Download it for free here.

N—Nutty Cereal Bites. These simple snack bites are super yummy and packed with protein. Perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Find the free recipe here.

O—Organize a drawer or closet. Choose what you will organize. Empty out all contents, then sort and decide what you can sell, give away, or keep. You may even find a lost item or two.

P—Puffy Paint Art. Combine equal parts of white glue and shaving cream in small containers. Mix in a few drops of food coloring. For extra summer fun add glitter.

Q—Quiet your heart. If you’re angry or anxious, sit still and take three deep breaths. Talk to God (you can pray about anything!) then talk to a trusted grown-up, too.

R—Read About Friendship.* Whether you want a good friend or want to be a good friend, God will help you do just that. Read the devotional book, 100 Daily Acts of Friendship for Girls. It’s within the Celebrate Summer activity box at

S—Sprinkle Sandwiches. These mini sandwiches are cute, small, and make a fun addition to any celebration. Find the free recipe here.

T—Treasure Hunt. Create a Treasure Hunt for your family. Choose a Theme (example: a wilderness adventure), a Location (where will you hide the clues?), Clues (make up fun rhymes), then Execute. The treasure can be ice cream for all, a hilarious trophy, or a bake-off challenge. 

U—Uno® or another game. Play a card or board game with friends or family that doesn’t have a screen. If possible, play outdoors and surprise them with a special snack.

V—Visit an elderly neighbor. Need some questions to ask? Here are three: Did you have a pet when you were my age? If so, what did you name it? When do you remember laughing the hardest? What do you wish more people knew about you?

WWake Up Before the Sun. Go outdoors with friends or family and watch the sunrise. Thank God for a new morning and tell Him what you need today. 

X—Xs and Os. Play Tic Tac Toe with sidewalk chalk on your driveway, washable markers on the windows, or create a board with jump ropes and draw Xs and Os on small stones.

Y—You are. Do you want to know who you are and why you matter? Check out this free A-to-Z-Identity List. It has 26 Truth-filled names God gives you. Find the free list here.

Z—Zip toward kindness. Kindness can make a big difference in the lives of others. Download the free Be Kind Bingo card here. Choose a line or fill the entire board.

*You’ll find this and more in the ShineBrightly–Celebrate Summer Activity Box.


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Keep your 7-12-year old girl independently engaged, while providing fun and meaningful activities that will grow her faith. Check out the ShineBrightly–Celebrate Summer Activity Box. It has a friendship focus that is sure to bring smiles, inspire creativity, and remind your girl how much she’s loved by God and you. Order today at

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