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Whether you’re traveling across the country or making a day trip, it’s possible to make your drive as memorable as your destination. Gas tanks may run empty, but with intentionality, your family can keep their internal tanks full with these fun and faith-filled ideas!

  1. Check in. If you’re traveling with more than one child, they likely won’t have equal expectations and excitement about the trip. Personally check in with each person before you leave. Discover how they are doing and what is the one thing they need most for this to be a great getaway.
  2. Car, train, or plane, be on watch. No matter your mode of transportation, be on watch for God’s goodness and greatness. Where did you see Him today? Be specific. Maybe it was something in His beautiful world, a smile from a stranger, or the kindness of family members to one another.
  3. Codeword. While traveling, tensions can run high and patience can wear thin. Choose a family codeword you’ll use when people need a break. Examples: Breathe, Bubblegum, or Bippity boppity boo. Each person is allowed one codeword per day. The vehicle goes silent for 5 minutes giving everyone space to pause, breathe and recalibrate.
  4. Create.* Pack an I am LOVED coloring book* and colored pencils* or download the How to Draw Summer sheet here. Leave surprise coloring pages and hope-filled messages at convenience stores, tourist rest spots, and any place travelers may need to hear they are seen, not alone, and loved.
  5. Connect. Connection may be the best and most memorable part of your trip. Download Conversation Starters here. Or have everyone take turns saying, “Ask me any question fun or serious.” To keep all eyes and ears on the person answering questions, you may even want to provide them with a rubber duck or silly hat.
  6. Choose group games.* It’s all play! Choose a silly game like Would You Rather? where you take turns asking questions like, “Would you rather have 1 eye in the middle of your head or 2 noses?” Stretch your imagination with the game Who am I? One person thinks of a person, place, or animal, and the others ask questions in order to guess what that person is thinking. Or stretch your bodies at every rest stop by choosing one option from the Move it Challenge download here.
  7. Celebrate. Celebrate every time you cross a state or province line or the halfway point of your travel goal for the day. Say a family cheer, sing a silly song, or distribute border gifts—distribute one surprise wrapped gift to every person.* When you arrive, toss confetti and offer a family prayer of thanks.

*You’ll find this and more in the ShineBrightly–Road Trip Kit.


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