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Twenty seventeen held lots of changes for the ministry of Church Juice. After almost a year without a project lead, I started as Church Juice’s new producer in late July, and it’s been a whirlwind six months since then (for which I am grateful). Church Juice has relaunched producing all-new content, led training seminars and workshops, created a closed Facebook Group to build community among church communicators like you, held our first webinar, and so much more. It’s been a great year, but our ministry is certainly looking forward to 2018, and we hope you are as well. But even as we look forward, I thought it also fitting to take a moment to look back at 2017 — here are some of this year’s most visited articles.

Stop Announcing Everything

It’s one of the most universal issues that church communicators face. I see the same dilemma arise in every church I visit — how do we prioritize what gets communicated and which methods to use? Here’s a three-tiered approach to help you organize your communications.

10 Ways to Intentionally Thank Your Church Volunteers

It is essential to take time to thank your volunteers! They help you further your church's mission, vision, and values. So what are some good ways to thank your volunteers? We're here to help!

4 Ways to Leverage Your Church’s Online Presence

A church’s online presence is vital these days. Here are four small ways that your church can break through the noise and increase engagement across your online mediums.

Consistency in Program Logos

A throwback article from 2012, Church Juice’s founding producer, Jerod Clark, talks about the Microsoft logo update — which affected its broad array of programs — and how the new look gave consistency across the business. In the Church, we have a tendency to want to give every program and ministry a unique look. But in doing so, we fail to reinforce the main brand (the church).

What was your favorite article in 2017? What would you like to read and learn about in 2018? We’re always looking for new inspiration on supporting and educating church communicators. Leave a comment and let us know!

Church Juice provides congregations with free resources, articles, and opportunities for training and consulting on church communications. Church Juice is a ministry of Back to God Ministries International, the media mission of the CRCNA. For more information about Church Juice, click here.


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