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Ever wonder what operating system other churches are running on their servers? What they use for email? What solution other churches use for their staff intranet? What their IT budget is? The Church IT Survey is a survey that provides responses for these questions and forty others from over 150 churches. This is a great resource if you are looking for ideas for different solutions or want to connect with someone using a proposed solution. So download the results and take a look at the data, but be warned that you might end up being intrigued and spend a lot of time reading answers and looking for trends!

I do have a couple of concerns about the data. The first entry is from August of 2007 so keep in mind some of the data will be out of date. Because of the sample size, there isn’t enough data to draw conclusions about what all churches use but it should give you a good idea of at least what products are used. I am not sure where this survey was published, but a reader (Shawn at the Congregation Resource Guide) of this site brought it to my attention.

So check it out and maybe even submit it for your church!

Edit: Added the reader who brought this to my attention.


Fellowship CRC rents space from king's university College.
All Administrative work is done in member's homes. Almost each home has internet access.
All church work is done on member's own computers.

I keep e-mail addresses of each member.

Minutes are sent to each member's homes and the secretary of each committee is responsible to keep them somewhere.

Fellowship uses a gmail e-mail address. All policies, mandates of committees are posted on our web site.

Secure web site houses schedules, directory information and e-mail lists.

We do own a computer to use powerpoint for our services.

Our IT budget is $0.00

This is cool. I'm not involved enough in our church's IT to be able to fill it out but the data is interesting. And it's a great example of 'open' data collection/sharing.

Hmmm....maybe we can use this approach to collect and share other info across the CRC. There's already a lot of sharing going on in these Network forums (e.g. curriculum used, membership software) but open surveys/polls like this lend to more structured responses so users can tabulate, etc

Thanks for letting us know about this.

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