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At a recent elders meeting, we asked ourselves whether we should look into posting sermon videos instead of just audio.

We'd want something easy...maybe just a fixed camera at the back wall with a zoom in/out that the sound person could control. Does your church record and post video instead of audio? And, if you're into this stuff, what's involved in terms of equipment setup, time, etc?


Our church posts our services on the web.  I have included a link to our church's website.  You can contact our church secretary who can put you in touch with those in charge of the web streaming.


Have fun.

Ray Postuma on January 15, 2012

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Paul, I'm shut in this Sunday morning and unable to attend my local church (Winnipeg, Covenant CRC).

Thanks for providing the web stream link (and thanks to the Network!).
I was able to join your worship service web stream and hear Pastor W. Koopman. Wonderful!'

Thanks to your church and web stream team for providing a quality audio-video service.  It appears you are using the ad-free version of  We tried  the ad-version for our Jan 1 and 8 worship services, and the first pop-up ad promoted condoms to prevent STD-an important topic, but hardly a 'mood-setter' for Sunday worship!

I'll contact your 'church secretary  who can put you (me) in touch with those in charge of web streaming'.  

Thanks again for providing a great service for the ocassional (and especially for  permanent) 'shut-in'.  
Congratulations!  Soli Deo Gloria!


Simcoe Immanuel CRC has been posting video to our website for just over a year.  We have a surveilance style camera that pans and zooms - adequate video quality for our purposes.  You can check out our website at and look for sermons at the bottom of the page (direct link: )

We actually post our videos on youtube and link them to our website.  The editing (ripping) is done using Xilsoft software although I have since found other resources.  Ripping the DVD produced when we record the entire service takes only a few minutes.  Youtube restrictions require us to break the sermons into 15 minute segments although I think we could probably find other sites (vimeo?) that allow the entire sermon in one segment.  The uploading to Youtube takes the most time, but it doesn't need a "babysitter" while it is uploading.  I do this all at home within a couple of days of the service.

I can provide more specifices as regards equipment, (make, model, cost etc.).  Just contact me via the e-mail address given on our website ([email protected].)

A couple of other things to note:  We only post our own pastor's sermons (unless the guest pastor specifically provides permission).  We have, in the past clipped out segments that, in hindsight, were preferably not posted (ie:  referring to personal situations that were appropriate within the context of the congregation but not for public consumption). 

hope this helps.  blessings ... mark ...



Hey Tim, we have just started posting our video, like Harkus we upload the sermon to Youtube and only if the leader gives permission. I would recommend going with a Pan Tilt Zoom camera rather than a stationary camera. I wrote a blog on the 123’s of our setup.
 Basically you will need

1 PTZ Camera
1 Computer running as a webserver
1 TV tuner card
1 box of ethernet cable
1 pair of balun connectors

We used a Sony SNC Z50 camera which cost approx $650 dollars, a donated computer which you should be able to purchase for approximately $200 - $300. The TV tuner card we used was a PVR-350, which you can get from ebay for $30.00. The box of cable should be around $120. Bulan connector from ebay are $10.00 or less.

The process is simple I have the youth running the camera through a web page.
The youth turns on the computer which opens the web page on start up.
They enter enter the information for the sermon, leader etc. Start recording the service, mark the sermon portion with a click able button on the web page. When the service is complete the computer burns the audio CD, uploads the sermon to you tube, burns the DVD and powers off. It takes the youth about 5-10  minutes after the service.

If you would like a copy of the script and a how to setup a web server let me know.

PS I am going to add a laptop to our system for the youth to use.

Andrew Nutma

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