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We're starting to make plans for Synod and wanted some input regarding the Synod webcast. Specifically:

  1. Should we allow real-time chat? We did last year and it was used a bit.
  2. Should we stream it as a Facebook live event (i.e. it would appear on the CRCNA Facebook page)? Anyone with experience in doing so?
  3. For the last couple of years, we've scrolled text at the bottom of the webcast that says what is currently being discussed, links to the reports, etc. But then I have to babysit it. So I'm thinking about letting the real-time chat serve that purpose — the viewer community can help each other stay up to speed on what's being discussed. Thoughts?
  4. Any other suggestions or feedback?

Thanks for your input!


I'd like to see a link where you can go and watch the proceedings while a chat window is on the side. I've been able to attend online conferences like that. On one I logged in via my Twitter account and another I had a special registration sign in. Nonetheless, we had some great discussion happening while the speakers were on ... something you can't do when you're at the event listening, but would sure like to.

Tim Postuma on July 21, 2010

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Thought I'd post a quick update...

We did open up live chat for the Synod webcast this year and, by and large, I think it went well. I winced a couple of times when I saw comments that were more about the person speaking than what they were saying. But those were by far the exception and nobody had to be booted.

For the rest, I think real-time chat helped make watching Synod a more social experience. People connected, discussed real issues, debated some, and also had a bit of fun. The viewership numbers were up, overall, although there's no way to tell how much of that is because of the real-time chat vs. the subject matter of each Synod.

Any other reactions to this year's Synod webcast? Things you liked, didn't like? Suggestions for next year?

I appreciated it. But you're right, some folks were a bit inappropriate at times.

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