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Synod 2011 is finishing up right now. Our coverage included a few new things this year (e.g. webcasts on Facebook, daily synod notebook, more photos, links to Banner coverage), plus the things we've done in the past like webcast with chat, recording archives, daily news updates, prayer involvement, etc.

While it's all fresh on our minds, we want to ask:


Add your thoughts below. Thanks!


Hi Tim

I appreciated the improvements.  I would like you to keep the daily Synod Notebook on line - so I can look at Wednesday's when it is Thursday, for example.

Is there a way that we could running feedback posted for delegates - We have pastors that take questions after their messages via text-messaging.  I'd like to text-message questions in - or news - like the fact that the PCUSA has failed to ratify the Belhar (was that mentioned at Synod at all) - or that the ARP denomination voted to break all fraternal ties with the CRC this year (any note of that anywhere - any grief over broken relations?).  I wonder whether Synod delegates are kept in the dark about such developments until after Synod.

thanks for all your hard work, crc staff... enjoyed being able to watch it live, enjoyed connecting with other's that are addicted to watching synod, Oh, I mean are passionate about synod.     Thank you for breaking out Moses Chung's speech in a separate clip.... if this isn't too much work would you be able to break it out with the intro by James (about 1 minute earlier)?  I want to forward that section to my church. many  thx.


re: RCA's general synod blog - Hmmm...this has really got me thinking. This year for the first time we had the Synod 2011 blog on The Network. But we could expand that to several bloggers. I'd want to index them by topic/report so you could see all the posts on Form of Subscription, etc as the RCA one seems a bit too unwieldy without that organization. Originally, we thought this forum could serve that purpose but a blog has a different feel than an open forum. Nice idea.

re: daily notebooks - Those are archived here but we didn't provide an easy way to get to the back issues. It's was a new thing so we'll work out those kinks for next year. Good feedback - thanks.

re: news/feedback for delegates - I don't know what kind of news they get during the week - but they certainly have a mechanism to inform delegates (e.g. announcements before each session) or for delegates to inform each other if it's relevant to an issue being discussed.


re: Moses Chung clip - To get more of the pre-amble, you can pull up the full video for that session and then cue it up at the part where you'd like to start.


Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming.

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