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Every congregation has conversations going. These conversations happen in council rooms, committee meetings, small groups, coffee after worship (covid permitting!), and many other places.

When you listen to or take part in these conversations, here are some things to watch for that may point out that Vibrant Congregations is a good match for your church.

Conversation 1: The “It’s going well conversation”: We believe things are going well in ministry and mission, but there is a sense we need to stay on top of things and imagine what’s next. A subset of this conversation is “The wondering” conversation. You wonder what’s next as you seek to follow God faithfully.

Conversation 2: The purpose conversation: Your church is unsure of its purpose. A key question here is, “If you ask your leadership to name your church's vision/mission, could they?” 

Conversation 3: The morale conversation: Your congregation senses that either there is a split in morale (high/low) or morale is in decline for all.

Conversation 4: The “good times” conversation: Your members regularly reflect on your congregation's glory days and long to return to those times. This desire for the good times often reflects a time of having children, a packed sanctuary, etc.

Conversation 5: The involvement conversation: People reflect that it is harder and harder to get people to volunteer and give—a move from the 80/20 rule to a sense that 10% of the people are doing 90% of the work.

Conversation 6: The “we are vacant” conversation: Vibrant’s tools work well for a congregation looking to discern who they are as they move forward in the calling process.

Conversation 7: The too many options conversation: The CRC and our partners offer wonderful options to step into your next chapter as a congregation. Which of these options is best for your congregation? The heart of Vibrant’s work is to help you discern your best partner though a process of listening to the voice of God, the voice of the congregation, and the voice of the leadership.

As you listen to the conversations at your church, is Vibrant a good match for your church? We'd love to walk with you through the doorway to your God-given, hope-filled future. 

For more information, connect with us via email or visit the Vibrant Congregations website

Vibrant Congregations is a joint endeavor of the CRCNA and RCA. We help congregations step through the doorway into their God-given, hope-filled future.

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