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Is it a blizzard? Is it winter? Is it a mini ice age? Andy Crouch asks that question in an article he published in March 2020.

We are all pretty sure that COVID-19 is more than a blizzard, something where we can bring in a few supplies, hunker down for a few days, and then get on with life. But will it be a season of winter that we get past after a few months or a longer mini ice age that's with us for 12 to18 months? This latter question is much harder to answer.

Whatever the answer, congregations need ways of thinking about and planning for ministry in this unusual time. One tool that could be useful to your congregation is 30-60-90. Developed by Vibrant Congregations, 30-60-90 helps congregations reflect on five central areas of ministry, plan for them, and reassess steps based on what's happening with COVID-19. 

One of the helpful parts of 30-60-90 is that it narrows down areas of ministry so that a congregation doesn't feel it has to do it all. They can focus on five areas and allow other areas to be set aside for a season. Another helpful part of 30-60-90 is its connection to Our Journey 2025, the plan approved by the Council of Delegates that brings us together as a denomination in pursuit of fresh steps in ministry and mission.

Learn more about 30-60-90 on Vibrant Congregation's website.

If you'd like more insight into 30-60-90 or a consultation on how to use it you can connect with Vibrant Congregations at [email protected] or visit Vibrant's website.

Vibrant Congregations is a collaborative effort of the CRC and RCA.

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