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Pentecost, with the gift of languages and the power of the Spirit, points powerfully to the worldwide spread of the Gospel. The sin-filled unity of the Tower of Babel was undone by the confusion of languages, but at Pentecost God creates a grace-filled unity in Jesus Christ that extends to "every tribe, language, people, and nation." 

I'm looking forward to preaching a missions message this Sunday. This one deals with the Spirit's work in calling people from an unreached Muslim people group into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. In our current world political climate, many people respond to Muslims with fear, which replaced a previous attitude of indifference. Others advocate tolerance and acceptance. "Live and let live." Christian ministry among Muslims must be founded on something that more than tolerance. Love for Muslims leads us to share the Good News that Isa (the Arabic version of Jesus) is not only a great prophet (as they already believe), but He is also God's Son. 

Pentecost means that God speaks their language. What is your church doing to share the Good News about Jesus with Muslims in your community and around the world?

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