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Is a national third party needed today?

Many people of various religions are caught between our two political parties.  For example the pro-choice and pro-life decision.  If one is a Christian he may be inclined towards the pro-life position which would require him to vote republican even though he may follow a pro-life position across the board of political decisions.  One conceivably could take a pro-life/person approach to capital punishment, environmental stewardship, welfare in conjunction with personal responsibility, supply and demand management of the economy, immigration, budget and fiscal policy, peace and war and gender, racial and sexual equality inclining her to vote democrat.  She is caught between the choices.  I an wondering if the time has come to talk about a third party option.  I know the history of third party attempts is lined with failure.  Still I am wondering if this dilemma could not be reduced with a third party choice.  It may never elect anyone to office but could certainly be useful in shaping the party platforms of the two existing parties.  This third party would represent a realignment of religious people based more upon their moral convictions than their political ideology. Here are my initial thoughts of what a third party platform might look like.

Capital Punishment.  A pro-person/life party would incline one to favor an anti-capital punishment position.  Recent problems with executions, false convictions later overturned, moral principles against it , and the cost factor militate against it.

Environmental Stewardship. A pro-person position would incline one towards a vigorous environmental protection policy.  Creation stewardship is a given keeping humans as the highest priority.

Common sense welfare.  Welfare needs to empower people to work if they are able.  Over generous welfare diminishes dignity, self-esteem, determination and ultimately success.  People should have access to food, water, work, job training, health care, and opportunity.

Equality of the races, genders, sexual preferences, and other minorities before the law is compatible with "liberty and justice for all".

Economy.  A capitalistic economy controlled normally by the market system with regulations in place only to keep the playing field fair for rich and poor.Taxes (revenue) balancing with spending(expenditures) and guided by a congressional agreement each year on the percentage of GNP for the budget. Corporations are not people.  An economy embracing both a flowing down and a gushing up effect would be desirable.

Immigration. The U.S. needs to be respectful of immigrants and their families with justice and compassion the guiding principles. The opportunity for earned citizenship must be available.  Those who have been here for 10 years or more, have paid taxes, have been law abiding, and gainfully employed qualify for citizenship.

Peace and War. The U.S. should lead the world with high moral and peaceful actions and engage in diplomacy as a first choice way to proceed when conflicts arise.  War can be used only as a last resort. Just war principles should be followed.

Health care.  Improve the Affordable Health Care Act where our experience with it has exposed weaknesses. 

Abortion.  Legislation should be adopted to make options other than abortion very attractive.  Every conceivable alternative to abortion needs to be incorporated into our social policy and education.  Adoption must be made financially accessible and nationally celebrated.

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